Sports Nutrition

I offer a unique service integrating my expertise in nutrition, functional medicine and the latest sports and exercise nutrition science, with coaching to maximise results.

Integrated sports nutrition considers the five pillars of Optimum health (Functional Medicine) to drive performance gains.

Looking at your current diet and timing of nutrition in relation to training is a key focus. In addition, consideration for rest, recovery, sleep duration and sleep quality play an important role in athletic performance, as well as strategies to minimize unnecessary stress factors.

Optimum sports nutrition means that you get the most out of every session, recover more quickly and achieve your goals faster, whether you are looking for more power, better endurance performance, or simply to get fit.

I aim to optimise your fuelling for exercise and ensure optimal recovery whilst also addressing underlying nutritional issues that may affect both your performance and long-term health. If necessary I may suggest functional testing to help identify issues including food intolerance, nutrient insufficiency, stress hormone levels and even the effect of your genes on nutrition and exercise.

I know that in the real world every person and their circumstances, environment, food preferences and training schedule are different so my programmes are tailored to your specific needs.

A sports nutritional assessment may include:-

  • Complete diet, lifestyle and supplement programme based on your individual goals
  • Ergogenic aids.
  • Specific diagnostic testing for digestive, hormone or immune imbalances
  • Weight management plans
  • Injury prevention and inflammation support
  • Rehabilitation management using dietary, nutritional and lifestyle strategies.
  • Hydration and refuelling management during training and competitions.
  • Consideration of banned substances.